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Avionic's 802.11b and Cell Phone

Here is a great article on the background of Avionics 802.11b and Cell Phone systems.

It's been a long hard fight to get this technology into the commercial passenger flights. It looks like there is finally some testing going on.

BF2 Demo Available.

Finally, some good FPS action.

BF2 Demo has been released HERE.

Available for download here and here (ftp) as well.

This is so far exclusive to Game Spot, but I'm sure in a couple of days FilePlanet will be able to host it.


Attention loyal FilePlanet users, this is a public service announcement for many of you wondering why we have not hosted the Battlefield 2 Demo. EA Games has contacted us and asked us not to host it for a duration for time, and in respecting their wishes we haven't host it. We understand that many of you are having difficulties getting the Demo, and we sorry that we cannot help you at this time. The best place to look currently would be EA's website.
-- FilePlanet Team

BF2 Has Gone Gold!

I've been waiting for this for a while.

Article on

Hopefully this new chapter in the BF Series is reminiscent of the old BF1942 gaming, and not the BF:V lag.

IP Address Lookup and Your Website

Couple of cool links.


- Example -

Click for an example.