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Wii Remote Accelerometer

Now this is a pretty cool use for a Wii Remote.

Using GlovePIE, a Wii Remote, and a laptop you can track acceleration, braking, and G-forces while driving around.

Check it out here.

World Of Warcraft Firefox Search Plugin Compilation

What is the Firefox Search Bar?

The Firefox Search bar comes pre-loaded with Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay,, and Creative Commons search. Wherever you are on the Web, you can enter a search term in the Search bar and receive immediate answers from the search engine you’ve chosen. You can select a new search engine from the Search bar menu at any time.

So, I did a few Google searches and found that WOW Insider had a post about adding World Of Warcraft sites to Firefox's Search Bar.

This sounds like a great idea, but these plugins are all over the place. Some websites have them hidden in a dark little corner, and others don't provide them.

I've decided to make one post for all the plugins I've found useful. I've added a list of sites that provide search bar plugins, and a link to add them to your Firefox Search bar.

I'll update this if I find any more.

Search Plugins - Add Plugin - Add Plugin
Allakhazam WoW Items - Add Plugin

Wii Media Center

Wii Media Center X is a free multimedia server developed by Red Kawa. It allows you to stream certain types of pictures, music, videos and files from your computer (where the server running) to your Nintendo Wii. It runs on most major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

From the looks of it, it's written in Java, and Uses Jetty and a few flash applications. Pretty slick little server.

Wii Media Center X is currently in the Alpha stage, so expect a few bugs.

Check it out here.

Mozilla Firefox on USB to go!

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition is the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser bundled with a PortableApps Launcher as a portable app, so you can take your bookmarks, extensions and saved passwords with you.

Available here.

PortableApps is an environment that allows for applications to run off of portable devices.

There is a fairly significant list of programs that work in the PortableApps environment.

Just a few from that list include...
GIMPFireFoxThunderbirdPuTTyAudacityVLC Media PlayerOpenOfficeSudokuPortableApps also has a suite of portable apps including a web browser, email client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client, antivirus, sudoku game, backup utility and integrated menu, all preconfigured to work on portable devices.

What does your phone number spell?

This site has been around for a long time, but is always fun to play around with.

Just plug in your phone number, and it will show you what words and phrases your phone number can spell.

Couple of other cool features...
Enter the start of a phone number and see what words start with those digitsEnter some letters and see the corresponding phone number.Enter your 16 digit Wii friend code and see what it spells.Link to Phone Spell is available here.

Freecom MusicPal

I've been waiting to see Internet household items, like this radio, to appear.

Freecom MusicPal is a wireless digital Internet radio and MP3 player.

• Wireless digital internet radio and MP3 player
• Plays internet radio without the use of a computer
• Streams MP3 music from your computer or network
• Installs in seconds, easy to set up
• Supports over 5,000 radio stations
• Supports MP3 and WAV
• Alarm clock functionality
• Live RSS feeds / Blog feeds in display
• Built-in speaker and WLAN antenna
• Stereo audio out to connect to HiFi/Amplifier set
• Line out to connect to headphones or active speakers

One of the features not listed, is it runs on a Linux 2.6 kernel.

It runs 129.00 EU (about 187$ CAD). Preorders are available now, it ships in August.

More info and pictures are available here.

Sending SMS from Windows XP

I was surfing the web, and came out with a cool article on the O'Reilly Network.

This shows you how to use Windows XP to send SMS messages using Microsoft SMS Sender.

Yeah, I know.. this is an old article... but hey.. it still works!

The article is available here.