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Pico / Nano and Other Free Software for DOS

For those that still like using DOS ... or command utilities in Windows...

Check this out!

Free DOS software

This is a list of free software for DOS.

Nano For DOS, Pico for DOS, Antivirus, Graphics, BBS boards, etc.

Firefox and HTML Links....

From CNet..

Single Window mode

Do you hate it when links on Web pages open new windows (because they set a target attribute on the link)? You can force Firefox to open those links in a new tab instead of a new window. This is called Single Window mode. It doesn't prevent all new windows, but it catches most of them. The radio buttons for setting this preference are in the Preferences window, but only if Firefox knows you want to see them. Go to About:config and set browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs to true.

Once that is done...
- Go Tools - Options - Tabs
- Select Checkbox beside "Force links that open new windows to open in:"
- Choose "a new tab" radio button.
- Hit 'Ok' and your done!

CNet Article

Pesky Wireless Moochers Beware

Every have a problem with people 'borrowing' your wireless internet access?

Well you can either shut down the wireless, add encryption, or do what this guy did!



Tired of updating windows xp.....

Hello Reinstall.....

Hello ... 1 to 2 hrs of updating / patching / reboots... arrghh! :(

*begins to pull hair out*

But! there is a solution.


This little gem contains all the updates, and you only need to reboot once!

It comes in a few flavors, with the full version containing extra utilities that you may want. The Lite release is a slimmed down version of the full release, with only the updates and no extras.

NTFS Secrets

NTFS Secrets.. and the Hidden ADS (Alternate Data Stream)...



Nice little application....

Serproxy is a multi-threaded proxy program for redirecting network socket connections to/from serial links. The proxy allows other hosts on the network to communicate with the system on the remote end of the serial link. Works under linux and windows.

Serproxy Home Page