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GnuPG Encryption in FireFox

FireGPG is a Firefox extension under GPL which brings an interface to encrypt, decrypt, sign or verify the signature of text in any web page using GnuPG.

It currently also supports encryption and decryption of Gmail messages.

More information is available here.

Tutorial is available here.

Create PDF documents on the fly for free.

CutePDF Writer is the free version of commercial PDF creation software. CutePDF Writer installs itself as a "printer subsystem". This enables virtually any Windows applications to create professional quality PDF documents.

More information is available here.

WoW Stand Alone Equipment Template Builder

WowEquip is a stand-alone tool for designing World of Warcraft equipment templates. It is completely stand-alone and does not interact with the game in any way.

This tool will allow you to easily put together sets of equipment and view your stats and bonuses while using them.


* Easy to use WoW-style interface.
* Support for all items, enchants, sets, and gems.
* Item download from Allakhazam.
* Report generation in a variety of formats.
* Talent bonuses can be included in generated statistics.

WowEquip is available here.

USB Tiny Applications

As defined by, a tiny app (application) is software weighing 1.44mb or less. Also, preference is given to apps which are 100% self-contained, requiring no installation, registry changes, etc.

These type of applications are excellent to use from a USB key, or portable storage device.

You can check them out here.

How to Capture Windows Media Streams

Here is a list of software that you can use to capture windows media streams.

I personally like using SDP Downloader.

Hi-Net Recorder looks pretty good as well.