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Microwulf: A Personal, Portable Beowulf Cluster

Microwulf is a personal, portable Beowulf cluster, providing over 26 Gflops of measured performance, for less than $2500. Its dimensions are just 11" x 12" x 17", making it small enough to fit on one's desktop or in a suitcase.

This is pretty slick, more details available here.

World of Warcraft auction house on the web

WoW Auction House Database BETA.

You can search US/EU auction houses for items.

Check it out here.

Tired of automated customer service numbers?

Yeah, it's not really a tech or a game post. BUT, for the IT people out there who are on the phone with other companies constantly, this may help you out!

Gethuman is a database of customer service numbers tricks to get you in touch with a real human being.

Check it out here.

BarracudaDrive Update

I posted earlier on information about the BarracudaDrive Web Server, so now I would like to post an update on it.

Real Time Logic has come out with a new version of the BarracudaDrive.

Here's the bugger, they no longer offer a free version for personal use.

They've also crippled the old personal version. A lot of the features are now available only in the professional version.

Real Time Logic now let's you download BarracudaDrive and activate a free 45 day Service Period.

There professional version is available here.

Un-bricking a bricked PSP

It's called "Pandora's Battery". It'll fix a bricked PSP, and all you need is a spare battery, and a spare memory card.

More information is available here.

McAfee SiteAdvisor

McAfee built a system of automated testers which continually patrol the Web to browse sites, download files, and enter information on sign-up forms.

With this information they can tell you:E-mail practices of the websiteThey rate sites based on both how much e-mail they send as well as how the e-mail received looks. Does it look like spam or not? DownloadsSiteAdvisor checks the impact of the site's downloadable software.Does the software on the site have any viruses?Online AffiliationsDoes the site try to redirect you to a site that may cause harm to your clients?Is your site a "feeder" site?If your site has links to too many suspicious sites, it will be flagged.AnnoyancesDoes this site use a lot of pop-ups?Does this site request to change the user's home page or favorites list?Does it try to use 3rd party tracking cookies?ExploitsDoes this site threaten the security of the user’s machine?Is there …

Robot Vision / Control Software

RoboRealm is a powerful robotic vision software application for use in computer vision, image processing, and robot vision tasks. Using an easy to use point and click interface complex image analysis and robot control becomes easy!

Something interesting about RoboRealm is that you can use it to not only control robot's but other applications using it's visual processing.

A sample of RoboRealm being used to control an application is available here.

RoboRealm is free, and available here.

Wii Firmware Update

Yeah, I'm a little bit behind on this. Been busy with the new house.

Nintendo's released an update for the Wii.

The update looks like it mostly effects the menu / shopping interface. They've also added USB keyboard support in Message Board. Some keyboards may not be supported.

More information is available here [] and here [].

AM radio signal from your monitor

This little program runs under Linux.

Tempest for Eliza is a Program that uses your computer monitor
to send out AM radio signals. You can then hear computer
generated music in your radio.

You can even play MP3 files and listen to them.

More information is here.