Fire's WoW Account Hacked

Well, this is not a good way to start the week!

Sunday evening my World Of Warcraft account was hacked.

I was playing my main character, a 64 rogue on Deathwing, when I was kicked out of the game.

I thought nothing of it, and logged back in.

5 minutes later, I was kicked out again. This time I was unable to log back into my account. "Your password / account name is invalid". What?!? I tried my password again and again I got "Your password / account name is invalid". What?!?!?

Frantically, I went to World of Warcraft's support site, did a password recovery and logged back into the game.

All of my rogue's items were missing, everything in the bags were gone, and the gold was gone.

I was left with a naked rogue standing in Stonebreaker hold. The only thing left was a dagger they couldn't sell, and a few quest items.

NOOOOOOO ... I thought to myself.....

I made a petition to the GM (Game Master). A few minutes later I got a reply, they are going forward this to the 'specialists' and it may take up to 2 weeks (or more) to replace my items.

That was the fastest reply I've ever received by a gm since I began playing World Of Warcraft in November 2004.

Flashback... 1 year ago.

I looted my first epic. It was an epic axe (Axe of the Deep Woods) that dropped from a worm in Silithus. I decided to throw it up on the auction house.

The next day I logged in hoping that it sold. There was no gold in my mail box, there was no epic in my mail box, and there was no epic on the AH.

I petitioned the GM about the missing axe. A week later I received a reply that it was impossible for me to retrieve my item. OUCH!

End flashback

Lets hope that Blizzard has better luck restoring my toon then they did my epic axe.

I'll keep this post up to date on what happens.


Anonymous said…
Wow, that sucks! I'm so sorry...Yeah, Blizzard isn't really "good" to anyone, and plenty of people fall through the cracks. Best of luck in your situation...Oh, and I've yet to get a BoE epic! Hopefully they won't start screwing my account up if one drops for me.

-70 Human Mage, "The Scryers"
Anonymous said…
yeah i got hacked 10-8-08
i was hacked into like an hour after i logged in
like when i woke up the next morning hoping to play wow i tried my pass 3 time and nothing so i went to to retrieve it and then went to my email and pass was changed on that too i finally got my email back and looked in the inbox and i was transfered to another server and got a 24 hour ban it has been like 2 days and still nothing from bliz

-used to be human warrior on cenarius =(

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