Vista UAC - Override


I'm running WAMP on my home system. It's great for independent development.

But, there's a problem. Every time Vista boots up, UAC stops WAMP from displaying in the system tray. This problem also occurs when starting FRAPS.

This can be fixed a few ways...

According to Microsoft's TechNet site there is a few ways to get by this problem ....

Scenario 1: Requesting an application to run elevated one time
- This is what i was doing, when it boots up, select the UAC icon, and tell it to launch the application. Annoying and what i'm trying to fix.

Scenario 2: Marking an application to always run elevated.
- This is the easiest way to fix this problem, and it doesn't open up security issues that the 3rd Scenario can cause.

Scenario 3: Configure User Account Control
- I can't believe Microsoft would offer this as a solution. Basically, you disable UAC Admin Approval, UAC installation prompting, or UAC Credential prompting.
- This is basically the "Use a sledgehammer to kill a fly" idea. Give access to everything, and don't prompt for anything.

I feel that I should offer a fourth solution to Microsoft.
- In the Windows Defender Software Explorer screen.
- Applications that are not "Trusted" can be set by an administrator to be allowed to run by the user non-elevated.
- Basically it gives an administrator the right to let a user use the program in a Non-elevated state.


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