WoW Stand Alone Equipment Template Builder

WowEquip is a stand-alone tool for designing World of Warcraft equipment templates. It is completely stand-alone and does not interact with the game in any way.

This tool will allow you to easily put together sets of equipment and view your stats and bonuses while using them.


* Easy to use WoW-style interface.
* Support for all items, enchants, sets, and gems.
* Item download from Allakhazam.
* Report generation in a variety of formats.
* Talent bonuses can be included in generated statistics.

WowEquip is available here.


It's me! said…
Do you have anything that is more up to date? I notice the build date was 2007.
FireBelcher said…
This was posted in 2007 as well. According to the forums, It seems the project has not been resurrected since the original author quit wow 2 years ago. The source is available via SVN.

I would also recommend for an online equipment builder.

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