What a simple search for a watch can find you...

So, I went googling for a new watch using the brand "Phosphor".

Phosphor from Art Technology, Inc. is an e-Ink watch. It's a pretty slick, and clean looking watch. It features a number of stylized analog, digital, and combined ana-digi watch dials that you can easily change depending on your mood.


Along the way, If found something really slick!

Phosphor from Rasterwerks is a first-person shooter (FPS) created with Macromedia Director (links will open in new window). The Shockwave Player allows the game to run within a web browser on Windows and Mac OS computers. Both single player (with AI-controlled bots) and multiplayer (using peer-to-peer Internet or LAN connections) game modes are supported.

More information about Phosphor the FPS is available here, and Phosphor the watch is available here.


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