World of Warcraft - Character Re-Customization

Hmm.. interesting. My wife was entering her game card into the account management when she came across a new feature!!!!

Character Re-Customization

This is what she found....
Welcome to the Character Re-Customization page. This service lets you customize your character's appearance, and includes an optional name change. Please note that each customization costs $15.00 USD per character customized. If you plan on changing the character's name during the customization, please familiarize yourself with the World of Warcraft Naming Policy.

According to the Blizzard FAQ...
Character Re-Customization is a paid service that lets you change an existing character's gender, face, skin color, and other cosmetic features determined by his or her race and gender combination. When you perform a Character Re-Customization, you may also change the character's hair color and hair style (similar to the in-game barbershop) and select a new name, if desired.

So, it looks like the feature that was only a rumor during beta, has actually become official.

You can check out the new feature here.


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