Cell Phones and the JSR 179 Location API

I noticed something called JSR-179 (Java Specification Request) is being included in the new Java Phones.

What is JSR 179?

Location-based services (LBS) provide users of mobile devices personalized services tailored to their current location. They open a new market for developers, cellular network operators, and service providers to develop and deploy value-added services: advising users of current traffic conditions, supplying routing information, helping them find nearby restaurants, and many more.

How do they do it?

3 Different ways... actually.

* Using the mobile phone network
* Using GPS satellites
* Using short-range positioning beacons

So, with this information in mind. I was interested in finding out which cellphones have this JSR enabled.

More information about JSR 179 is available here.

Now here is the interesting tidbit, most of the mobile phone providers don't mention this information on the same page as their phones. You have to dig deep to find this information on the specification or features pages.

According to Sony Ericsson Code Wiki, the location API can be used to access built in GPS or an external GPS Receiver. So far, Sony Ericsson has only released phones that do the latter, they access an external GPS receiver, but there is talk that they will shortly
announce a mobile with JSR 179 support.

NEW UPDATE - Device search database integrated in SDK
Find technical specifications of thousands of mobile devices using the built-in WURFL database search engine. The database search tool is versatile and easy to use, allowing you to search a large number of mobile device properties. More than 8000 device specifications are accessible from the Java ME Platform SDK.

OLD - No Longer Exists
So, for all those who want to know if your cell phone or a cell phone you want to buy has GPS integration check this list out here.

For Example, the BlackBerry Pearl from RIM, is on the list, has built in GPS, and that GPS is accessible from the JSR 179 Location API.


kb said…
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kb said…
This provides a gist and a good starting point for JSR 179. However there are smarter ways to code it. You can check the tutorial at Location Based Services using J2ME

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