HD-DVD is dead .... How to convert your HD-DVDs to Blu-Ray

We knew it was one of the formats was going to die, well it happened. HD-DVD is dead, and Toshiba announced the funeral.

A nice little how-to on wired popped up for the followers of HD-DVD, myself included.

How to convert your HD-DVD movies to Blu-Ray!

From the site....

By converting your movies to a Blu-Ray, you can ensure your movie collection survives the death of the machine that plays them.

The process is simple in principle but excruciating in practice, thanks to the complexity of the technology, the myriad of applications needed and the predations of an industry that doesn't want you format-shifting at all.

What you need:
  • A Windows machine with a fast processor
  • An HD-DVD drive
  • A Blu-Ray burner
  • 30GB of free disk space, at least, though 40GB or more is recommended
  • An internet connection to download all the software you need.

More information about this process is available here. Thanks Wired!


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