Asus EeePC - Link Compilation

Since my Dell Axim died, which is a whole other story, I needed to find a replacement.

From the research conducted, I bought an Asus Eee PC 4G (701) from a local distributor. I have now been using this little unit for a few weeks, and I have to say that it is an excellent portable laptop. I've been using it for work and personal use, and it does everything I want!

The amount of eeepc user community support, and documentation is excellent. With that in mind, I am adding a bunch of links for this little device.

As per all of the"Link Compilation" posts, I will add more as I find them!

-= Documentation =-
EeeUser Wiki
EeeUser Forums

-= Review =-

-= Tools =-
Sublime's Launcher tools
marf tweakeee

-= Games =-
Battle of Wesnoth

-= Articles =-
Tweak Guide
Freeing Space

-= Accessories =-
Official Accessories from ASUS

-= Mods =-
JesseLang Mods - Forum 1 - Forum 2
IVC Wiki


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