Friday, August 08, 2008

Free FTP Clients - A replacement for SmartFTP

Well, this sucks after having a free ftp client for more than 10 years; SmartFTP is removing the free version of the popular client.

So, in haste, I went looking for other free clients. The clients had to have close to the same functionality as SmartFTP, GUI optional. Here is the list of the clients I found.

FileZilla - Open Source FTP Client. Available on Windows and Linux.
WinSCP - Open Source SFTP client and FTP client
NCFTP - Command Line FTP Client
FireFTP - Firefox Integrated FTP Client

And, The winner was... FileZilla.

The feel of FileZilla is close to SmartFTP. This is an excellent client with support for FFP / FTPS (SSL) / SFTP (SSH). It has a Site Manager, Transfer Queues, Drag and Drop support, and Remote File Editing.

So, it's time to welcome in FileZilla, and say "Sayonara" to SmartFTP.

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Zelrokyz said...

Thanks for the tip. I too am somewhat disgruntled at having my existing build expire, downloading the latest only to be told it's the end. Oh well, can't win them all.