World of Warcraft Bug Found!

So.. I was helping out a guildy in Winterspring. She has a 55 hunter, and I'm a 70 rogue.

Just for fun, I thought I'd try using Scroll of Stamina V (Requires Level 60) on her. The buff succeeded, and as a lvl 55 she got a lvl 60 buff of +20 stamina.

This is a major twink bug, have a level 70 buff you with 20 Stamina.

I have not tried this with other scrolls, and I will probably try it later on tonight.

I currently have a gm ticket open, and will keep you up to date on what happens.

UPDATE - 30 minutes later

That has got to be the fastest GM reply I have ever received.....


22:30 [Lygyryne]: Greetings, *****, this is Game Master Lygyryne. I just received your petition, how are you doing?

22:30 [*****]: Hey.. doing alright.. that was a fast response

22:31 [*****]:  Scroll of Stamina V can be used on lvl 55's... if you are grouped and lvl 70

22:31 [*****]: There may be other ways to use it

22:31 [*****]: And other scrolls can be effected

22:31 [*****]: *may be effected

22:31 [*****]: ***** in my group still has the buff

22:31 [*****]: (7 mins left on it)

22:33 [Lygyryne]: Hmm, give me a moment to check something, ok?

22:33 [*****]: Ok

22:35 [Lygyryne]: OK, well I do want to thank you very much for bringing this to my attention, *****.

22:35 [*****]: Ok.. so it is a bug?

22:35 [Lygyryne]: I've never heard of it before, so I'm goign to have it looked into and see if it is.

22:36 [*****]: Interesting....

22:36 [*****]: Yeah.. it sorta shocked me...

22:36 [*****]: Oh.. and I tried it twice

22:36 [*****]: So it's not just a one time.. server glitch type thing

22:37 [Lygyryne]: Cool, thanks again. Did you have anything else I should look into as well?

22:38 [*****]: Yeah.. can you get me [Schematic: Lil' Smoky] ? I've been trying to get that darn thing for the past 2 months..

22:38 [*****]: ;)

22:38 [Lygyryne]: If I could I would. ;)

22:38 [*****]: LOL.. Figured.. oh well. had to try

22:38 [*****]: heh

22:39 [*****]: Nope.. nothing else then

22:40 [*****]: If you guys need to get hold of me for anything... you can use my registered email address.. i'd be happy to help

22:40 [Lygyryne]: Thanks for playing WoW and happy hunting! Feel free to submit your feedback of our conversation by sending an email to

22:40 [*****]: Sounds good.. :)

22:40 [Lygyryne]: Sure thing, thanks again for your assistance.

22:40 [*****]: Not a prob


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