WoW Authenticator Available In Canada... Sorta

An update to this story:

A shipping system change did occur!

Check out the update here.

So, after the announcement that the World Of Warcraft Authenticator was back in stock, I decided to go take a look.

As a Canadian, I assumed that the Authenticator was not going to be available because it was not allowed to be shipped outside of the US. My assumption was completely wrong, there sitting in front of me was a new product Blizzard Authenticator (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America).

Lets try to order this, and find out how much shipping was going to cost.

So, for 2 (One for myself, one for my wife) here is the break down:

2 x Authenticators @ $6.50
Subtotal: $13.00
Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping & Handling: $58.13
Grand Total: $71.13

Hmm... $71.13 for 2 Authenticators, this has got to be wrong?

So, I phoned Blizzard.

No, according to customer service, it is not wrong.

The reason the shipping is $71.13, is because that is what it costs to ship 2 Authenticators with UPS. UPS is the only delivery service that Blizzard is using for "international" shipping.

Also, according to the customer service, it is shipped in a small envelope.

I think it is time for Blizzard to find a new shipping service.

Price comparisons using the closest the blizzard address (Doubt this is actually where it will be shipped from)... to my home.

Blizzard Entertainment
P.O. Box 18979
Irvine, CA 92623

Using Online Calculators
UPS: 40.89 USD
Fed-ex: 39.01 USD
USPS (International): 23.95(3-5 Days)
USPS (International): 9.95 USD (6-10 days)

Blizzard, I really.. really.. really.. don't need my Authenticator tomorrow. I'm willing to wait a week for it. I've been waiting months, a week does not matter.

2 x Authenticators @ $6.50
Subtotal: $13.00
Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping & Handling: $9.95
Grand Total: $22.95

Hey, Blizzard... Could you guys please, give us a different option for shipping the Authenticators?


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